Wood Floor Checklist

    Step Photos Complete Description
    1 Inspect HVAC system prior to starting
    2 Remove existing shoemold
    3 Use belt sander with 36 grit paper
    4 Use edger w 50 grit around perimeter
    5 Vacuum area
    6 Use belt sander with 80 grit paper
    7 Use edger w 100 grit around perimeter
    8 Vacuum area
    9 Use buffer w 100 grit screen
    10 Use edger w 100 grit screen around perimeter
    11 Vacuum area
    12 Apply stain by hand with cloth rags (straight motion)
    13 Wipe/clean excess stain with cloth rags (circular motion)
    14 Allow stain to dry
    15 Apply oil base urethane finish w 3/8 roller for smooth finish
    16 Allow first coat of urethane to dry
    17 Scren urethane w buffer and light screen at 220
    18 Install shoe mold
    19 Vacuum area
    20 Apply second coat of urethane
    21 Allow 2nd cost to dry
    22 Inspect HVAC system after job is complete